Underground mining

Do more with less: to achieve highest production

Joy underground products are designed to maximize productivity by helping you do more with less. The latest product innovations featured include:

  • Our SR hybrid drive on our load haul dump (LHD), which provides faster response times and twice the acceleration rate than comparable LHDs; SR technology allows regenerated energy to be captured and utilized, reducing overall fuel consumption by 20%
  • Higher breakout force on our loaders translates into faster bucket filling, while increased ramp speed reduces time between loading cycles
  • The unique piston design on our Montabert drifters generates a perfect long shock wave for better energy transmission and bit penetration, while the hydraulic dampening system absorbs lost reflected energy, resulting in optimum shock wave transmission

Extend equipment life: to deliver lowest cost per ton

Multiple design features on our underground equipment help extend equipment life and lower your total cost of ownership:

  • SR hybrid drive on our LHD incorporates fewer onboard hydraulics, a simple and rugged design and no windings, rotor bars or magnets, increasing rebuild interval
  • Load-sensing hydraulics on our loaders results in cooler hydraulics while the single pump and valve simplifies maintenance
  • The increased tool life on our drifters – including the striking bar, bits, and coupler – decreases overall costs while maintenance-free accumulators eliminate periodic maintenance costs

Improve safety: with the goal of zero harm

Several key features on our underground products help improve operator and crew safety:

  • Smaller diesel engine on our LHDs reduces diesel emissions, resulting in lowered exposure to carcinogens; in addition, heat is reduced
  • Hot component isolation on our loaders helps prevents burns while three-point mounting and ground-level maintenance design reduces slips and falls
  • Lower noise levels on our Montabert drifters helps reduce long-term hearing damage while the hydraulic dampening system reduces vibrations