Do more with less: to achieve highest production

We’re using technology to deliver the highest production and maximize performance:

  • Our JoySmart Solutions employ data and analytics to help optimize operations, and achieve or exceed customer operating and financial goals.
  • Our SR Hybrid Drive provides faster response times and higher acceleration rates, resulting in faster cycle times
  • Our flexible and selective mining tools give you the potential to unlock hard rock reserves, effectively
  • Our Track Shield system reduces cycle time through early detection and mitigation of collisions, allowing operation at full speed without losing the ability to dig close to the shovel
  • Advanced battery technology provides longer life, offering greater capacity and eliminates the need for a cool-down period, allowing rapid or inductive charging
  • Our advanced shearer automation allows operators to match undulation changes in the face, reducing the amount of rock added to mined material

Extend equipment life: to deliver lowest cost per ton

Multiple technology tools help lower your total cost of ownership by extending equipment life:

  • Our Track Shield system reduces long-term repair needs for crawler shoes, frames and carbody structures, lowering your total maintenance costs
  • Our JoySmart Solutions can help lower your total cost of ownership through lifecycle management, machine audits, condition monitoring, reliability-centered maintenance, maintenance audits, maintenance labor agreements and optimized labor usage
  • The simple motor design of our SR Hybrid Drive uses no windings, rotor bars or magnets, resulting in improved reliability
  • Our new battery technology reduces the number of required batteries per machine

Improve safety: with the goal of zero harm

We are focused on technologies to help enhance operator and crew safety:

  • The reduced emissions with our new battery technology means no ventilation is required
  • Our longwall automation suite removes machine operators from the working face as well as the danger zones surrounding working equipment
  • The root cause analysis employed by our JoySmart Solutions experts leverages machine data to identify critical repair needs; planned maintenance then allows for moving machines to a safe position prior to repair
  • The smaller diesel engine used in our SR Hybrid Drive system means lower diesel emissions, resulting in reduced exposure to carcinogens
  • Our adaptive controls technology provides smart control and application of power, reducing unplanned field maintenance due to boom jacking or other operating impacts