Surface mining

Do more with less: to achieve highest production

P&H surface products are designed to maximize productivity by helping you do more with less. The latest product innovations featured at MINExpo include:

  • Our new drill mast design, which provides superbly efficient energy transfer to the bit as well as maximum pull-down force
  • New drill automation tools save hours of setup and propel time while hole-to-hole propel reduces damage and wear to the drill string
  • Our game-changing hybrid shovel technology means no trail cable and no electrical grid restrictions; double-sided loading decreases loading cycle times

Extend equipment life: to deliver lowest cost per ton

Lower your cost per ton thanks to the extended equipment life capabilities of our surface equipment, with new developments including:

  • Robust solid mast construction with simple rack and pinion design reduces maintenance
  • Our new hybrid shovel features an open house with access to major structures plus 50% less hydraulic hoses/fluids than comparable machines, translating into an up to 15% reduction in maintenance and repair costs
  • The simplified SR Hybrid Drive motor design on our hybrid shovel and wheel loaders means no windings, rotor bars or magnets, providing increased reliability

Improve safety: with the goal of zero harm

Several key features on our surface products help improve operator and crew safety:

  • High-precision GPS, combined with line-of-sight navigation, to keep personnel out of harm’s way during drill propel and operation
  • Extended reach on our hybrid shovel means increased safety through machine position relative to the bank and increased range for truck spotting
  • Smaller diesel engine on our wheel loader means lower diesel emissions; smoother operation translates to fewer jolts and shocks for operators