Do more with less: to achieve highest production

Our wide range of service offerings focus on maximizing your productivity:

  • Custom cradle adaptations for our Montabert drifter conversions allow installation on any jumbo drills, bolter drills, longhole drills, shaft jumbo drills and tunneling drills, regardless of the original manufacturer
  • Our JoyConnect system collects critical operational data that provides performance analysis and bottleneck identification
  • Our service-for-hire teams can handle small short repairs like re-lacing drums to long and complicated longwall face moves, freeing up your staff for other important work

Extend equipment life: to deliver lowest cost per ton

Multiple service offerings help you maximize productivity by optimizing equipment performance throughout its life in the mine:

  • Our Joy fluids and filters are specifically designed to extend gear case life and are also supported by a fluid analysis program that spots trends and helps develop good maintenance practices
  • Custom cradle adaptations for our Montabert drifter conversions stand up to the toughest environments
  • Our genuine Joy service products and consumables are engineered to meet our exacting application and designed standards, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Our carbide conical bits are designed for increased sleeve life
  • Our service-for-hire teams use the latest OEM information, upgrades, and service materials to ensure like-new work and best performance

Improve safety: with the goal of zero harm

Our service offerings focus on enhancing operator and crew safety:

  • Our proximity detection system helps operators identify safe working areas around machinery
  • Lower noise levels on our Montabert drifter conversions help reduce long-term hearing damage for operators
  • Our remote-mounted raiseboring tools allow personnel to work at safer distances from open hole conditions
  • Our super radial cutting systems and carbide conical bits help reduce respirable dust