Crushing and conveying

Do more with less: to achieve highest production

Joy crushing and conveying products and systems are designed to maximize productivity by helping you do more with less:

  • Our surface feeder-breakers are a low profile, highly mobile, highly flexible crushing solution that can reduce mine costs by reducing haulage distances and site preparation
  • Our reclaim feeders are a mobile and cost effective mechanism for blending materials, reclaiming stockpiles and feeding material
  • The MVT-II reduces fines generation through Matched Velocity Technology.  Roll speeds are set to match the velocity of material falling through the sizer and reduces material fines
  • Our underground feeder-breakers allow mining, haulage and conveying systems to work at their most efficient rates to maximize mine production
  • We have the knowledge and experience to supply high-capacity, high-availability conveyor systems and have designed and supplied systems that handle up to 10,000 STPH from underground to the surface for processing

Extend equipment life: to deliver lowest cost per ton

Multiple design features on our material handling equipment help extend equipment life and lower your total cost of ownership:

  • We can provide early detection notifications for vibration and potential mis-alignment of critical conveyor components and extend equipment life. We can also monitor operating temperatures of critical components and identify problem areas before equipment fails
  • Our enclosed tail shaft bearings design extends bearing life resulting in reduced maintenance, less downtime and increased productivity
  • Our conveyor chain tensioning system offers a more robust design with fewer parts to fail.  Tensioning is more accurate, leading to improved machine performance and increased component life

Improve safety: with the goal of zero harm

Joy crushing and conveying products and systems help improve operator and crew safety:

  • Feeder or feeder-breaker chain can easily be adjusted with the push of a button to a predetermined tension setting from the side of the feeder-breaker. This means that you can easily adjust chain tension without entering the more dangerous intake end
  • Our HAC (high angle conveyor) system is a safer choice to handle material in many open pit mining operations.  HAC systems, in lieu of truck only haulage, eliminate or reduce the number of haul trucks and replaces haulage out of the pit with high angle conveyor (HAC) system technology designed for the application
  • Our patented, engineered shaft decreases overall ball bearing roll weight up to 20%, while maintaining equivalent shaft strength and stiffness
  • When our patented, engineered shaft is paired with tapered roller bearing technology, material load can be increased up to 40% for the respective CEMA class resulting in increased idler spacing and fewer idlers to install and maintain on new projects
  • Our aluminum rollers weigh up to 32% less than conventional idler rollers, making installation and replacement safer since idler rollers are lighter