These days it’s not enough to work hard. You have to work smart.

We are here to help you make the most of every production hour by reducing downtime, minimizing waste and lowering production costs.

With a focus on helping customers do more with less, extend equipment life and improve safety, we are ready to help you work smarter, not harder; solving mining’s toughest challenges through world-class products and direct service.


Do more with less: to achieve highest production

We design our products and services to deliver strong performance and the highest production, allowing you to do more with less and lower your total cost of operation. Learn more about:

Extend equipment life: to deliver lowest cost per ton

Intent on delivering the lowest cost per ton, we combine reliable designs with direct service to help customers get the most out of each product. Learn more about:

  • Shielding systems that reduce long-term repair needs to crawler shoes, frames and carbody structures
  • Long-life tool systems that decrease replacement costs
  • Cutting systems that increase block and sleeve life, and decrease required maintenance
  • Simple motor designs that result in improved reliability
  • Improved traction that reduces tire wear
  • Rugged machine structures for longer structural life
  • Service-for-hire teams that perform repairs, rebuilds and maintenance at your location, saving time and money


Improve safety: with the goal of zero harm

With the goal of zero harm, we offer products and services that help remove people from harm’s way and prioritize safety. Learn more about:

  • Combined mining/haulage systems that reduce the amount of equipment in a working area
  • High-precision GPS systems, combined with line-of-sight navigation, that help keep personnel out of harm’s way during propel and operation
  • Reduced emissions that minimize or eliminate ventilation needs
  • Lower noise levels that help reduce long-term hearing damage for operators
  • Proximity detection systems that help operators identify safe working areas
  • Cameras and remote operation tools that help remove operators from working areas
  • Dust suppression systems that reduce friction ignitions and respirable dust